Hello. My name is Rachel Silberman. I'm a front-end designer that loves to move forward with technology.


As a front end web designer, my objective is to have a positive impact on clients, colleagues, and the Internet by using my skills and experience to design compelling and unique websites. I enjoy working on projects independently as well as with others that involve a mix of web and graphic design, web development, and database management. My goal-oriented nature and enjoyment for learning leads me to the finish line in a timely manner.



Gaining knowledge

After Effects

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Cristin Bishara

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A debut author published under Walker Books wanted a website that connected with her work and personal style.

Front-end developer

What I used
HTML, CSS, WordPress, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • room 3 massage example 1
  • room 3 massage example 2
  • room 3 massage example 3
Leah Miller

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Leah Miller wanted a fun layout that linked to her book which is about comic book geeks. I implemented that into the header / background. An animation is also on the homepage.

Front-end developer

What I used
HTML, CSS, Photoshop, After Effects, Blogger CMS, jQuery
  • Leah Miller example 1
  • Leah Miller example 2
  • Leah Miller example 3
  • Leah Miller example 3
Mike Mullin

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Author Mike Mullin wanted a clean and elegant layout to convey his book Ashfall. He imported his blog from Blogger to this new WordPress site.

Front-end developer

What I used
HTML, CSS, Photoshop, WordPress
  • Mike Mullin example 1
  • Mike Mullin example 2
  • Mike Mullin example 3
Lili Peloquin

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I was contacted by Lili Peloquin, a new Penguin author to create an interactive and age appropriate website for her readers to easily navigate. The design and coding created was to ensure the author's readers an engaging website. Lili loves her new website and is excited about the new branding.

Front-end developer

What I used
HTML, CSS, Photoshop, After Effects, Blogger CMS, jQuery
  • Lili Peloquin example 1
  • Lili Peloquin example 2
  • Lili Peloquin example 3
  • Lili Peloquin example 4
Rocky Horror Picture Show

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show's cast Transvestite Soup (located in Minneapolis) wanted a website that conveyed who they are. I was responsible for designing, coding, and writing content. Expected launch date May 2013.

Front-end developer

What I used
HTML, CSS, Illustrator, jQuery
  • rocky horror example 1
  • rocky horror example 2
  • rocky horror example 3
  • moodboard

    Moodboard and inspirations

  • wireframe for homepage

    Wireframe for homepage

  • wireframe for cast page

    Wireframe for cast listings

  • mockup for homepage

    Mockup for homepage

  • mockup for cast page

    Mockup for cast listings

  • color blind test: deutan

    Color blind test: Deutan

  • color blind test: tritan

    Color blind test: Tritan

Kinetic Typography

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I like to work in After Effects, and this is one of my accomplishments. I choose The Lion King scene because it makes me a little emotional. The video was created for my Computer Graphics class, and it was fun to dabble into the After Effects program.

Computer Animator

What I used
After Effects, typography


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